• BMTP combines games, movement, collaboration and learning.

• BMTP can be used commercially by school and privately.

• BMTP gives the teacher and school an opportunity to motivate and evaluate the learner and the class's state and development.

• BMTP is a privately owned company with commercial interests, any use outside school time is currently considered free marketing.


• You must enter a valid e-mail address or use social media login and UNI-Login in Denmark.

• If you choose to use Facebook or Google login, you agree to third party terms.

• You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password.

• Your account remains on the server even if you choose to delete the app

• BMTP Company Aps will not disclose your information and e-mail address to 3rd party.


• You are responsible for dealing with your own data. Including possible sharing on social media.

• BMTP Company Aps is responsible for the operation of data. Your data is protected at a high level, including encryption.

• The server is located in Europe at Microsoft and operated by an employee or a named person - employed by an operating company - approved by BMTP Company Aps.


• Teacher, School Leader and Municipality have access to data at different levels. See the section "Privacy Policy"

• Employees in the company can extract for statistical or commercial purposes in anonymous format.


• BMTP Company Aps owns all content in the app, both content that is part of the app and the data the users provide.


• You agree to indemnify BMTP Company Aps and all its partners in connection with the use of the app and the website.


• BMTP Company Aps disclaims any responsibility for the use of the app and the website. This applies to our own information and information we have chosen to disclose.


• All legal matters must be dealt with by a Danish court.


• All changes must be approved by the user. Latest version is dated 1-8-2018

Kolding, 1-8-2018