Playgrounds is a core element in BMTP:

  • Playground is created once.
  • There are official Playgrounds and Playgrounds available for the School / Group.
  • A Playground contains a series of squares for towers and other objects in the game.
  • There is a calendar for each Playground, so it is not possible to start multiple games at the same time.

Find a Playground

There are two tabs:

  • Public Playgrounds
  • My Playgrounds

Search for a Playground:

  • "Search Box"
  • On the map. Use +/- and Drag-N-Drop

Create a Playground

Select the function: "Add Playground"    [Top right corner]

Select the tab: "General"


  • Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Address
  • Visibility.    [IMPORTANT - Manages who can use the Playground]
    • Me & My School / Group
    • Public
  • Administrators.    [IMPORTANT - Controls who can edit the Playground]
    • Yourself
    • Your School / Group

Select the "Map" tab

  • Search the map by keyword or drag the map to the location with the mouse.
  • Select the button: "Mark Playground".
  • Click the left mouse button and mark the border of the Playground.
  • Select the button: "Place automatically" to select the different places.
  • If you want a different distribution, they can be moved with Drag-N-Drop. Or if you want more seats than are placed automatically.
  • Select the button: "Save changes"

Note that a path can be deleted and corrected.